Local Store Locations

Find Val's Kale Chips in the produce section at Sevananda Natural Food Market Co-op!
Go for a SpecialTea Smoothie & grab a bag of Val's Kale Chips too!
Find Val's Kale Chips on the shelves in the produce department at Buford Highway Farmers Market!
Traveling soon? Pick up a bag of Val's Kale Chips at one of the Shellis News stores at Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta Airport!
Like snacking? Check out Le Snack Pak! They carry our delicious Kale Chips along with other healthy snacks.
Prosper is a local SW Atlanta company providing the community with a 100% gluten free, superfood, vitality snack box! We are super excited to be in collaboration with the other brands you see above. Place your order today and get the superfood bundle shipped right to you!