About VK

After spending over a year perfecting the ingredients and flavors, Val is delighted to deliver five different original kale chips flavors that are all natural, raw, gluten free and vegan.  For your convenience, most of the flavors come in different bag sizes, adding to the fun of selecting the bag just right for you and your loved ones.
Carefully selected and handled, great effort goes into making sure only the best organic kale, nuts and other healthy ingredients are used during the preparation.  Val’s Kale Chips are not baked or fried, instead they are dehydrated.  This process allows for most of the nutritional value and beneficial living enzymes to remain in every bite.  Your body, mind and soul will enjoy the goodness and benefits of the kale supersnack loaded with an abundance of nutrient value but not the weight.  Val’s Kale Chips are lighter in texture, weigh less, and deliver rich, flavor…but with less calories, fat and salt and sugar.  And to top it all off, you get more kale in every bag with…Love & Light in Every Bite!   Enjoy the Goodness of Life!