Market Safety - 2020

Community Farmers Market (CFM) is limiting the number of patrons allowed in the market place at a time to increase social distancing.

Sanitization (CFM)

  • There will be portable hand washing stations with signage at market entrances.
  • Hand washing will be required for all people entering the market space.
  • Additional hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, gloves and wipes will be available for everyone throughout the market.
  • Common “touch points” will be sanitized often, and further measures have been adopted to minimize all unnecessary contact.
  • Consistent reinforcement of the CDC’s recommendations and ServSafe policies.
  • CFM will provide compostable cups for token collection. We will sanitize all tokens before and after market. SNAP customers will also be given gloves to use tokens. Cups will be disposed of after use.

Peachtree City Market Vendor/Patron Safety Guidelines

  • Vendors will wash hands with soap and water at washing stations
  • Vendors will sanitize display surfaces and electronic payment devices
  • No hand-to-hand contact with customers
  • Vendors will make hand sanitizer available to customers
  • Vendors will not sample or allow touching of food items prior to purchase
  • Vendors will not allow customers to self-serve from displays
  • Vendors will change gloves from handling food items and payments
  • Vendors will only serve prepared foods in takeout containers for consumption offsite
  • Vendors will not use tablecloths so that tables can be easily sanitized